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We’re a progressive and imaginative team of people who care deeply about what we’re doing – mobilizing knowledge in the animal health industry. We believe quality work leads to delightful experiences, and we can make a real difference by helping people identify and solve the right problems.

We’re a knowledge community and we’re all in this together. We believe great ideas can come from anyone, and we encourage everyone to contribute. If you’re a “my way or the highway” personality, well, it’s time to hit the road – LifeLearn is a place where we’re all encouraged to solve problems, make decisions, and grow.

We work hard and we play hard, so don’t be surprised if you’re summoned to an impromptu game of hockey in the parking lot, a surprise beer and wing luncheon, or a night out on the town with guests. Or, if you’re cool with fresh fruit, unlimited caffeine, and some lazy office dogs, we have that too.