Our Story

Our early days were devoted to delivering continuing education programs for veterinarians across North America. Our initial goal was to help veterinarians keep up to date with medical and surgical knowledge through eLearning technologies.

Over the course of 20 years, we expanded our offerings to deliver:

  • education resources for both veterinary teams and pet owners
  • online marketing and client communications tools to enhance clinic business and improve overall pet care
  • customized marketing, sales, operations, and training solutions for animal health organizations

You see, our roots are built on something deeper than information. We’re about building knowledge, and also creating business impact through the use of that knowledge. It’s through this idea of unleashing the potential of knowledge that we embrace our company motto: Knowledge Unbound.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to turn knowledge into action – to offer knowledge mobilization solutions for the animal health industry, empowering veterinarians and organizations to maximize their business and the health of animals.

Our Method

We create knowledge through specialized content creation, and by providing data analytics and insights to organizations for a deeper understanding of their business and the impact of customer initiatives.

We turn knowledge into action by delivering written and visual content that inspires – created with insight and accuracy by biomedical communicators and the latest technology, and distributed through LifeLearn websites and digital applications that enhance use. Also, through our own deep and broad knowledge of the animal health industry, we can offer information and advice, particularly around emerging technologies and their application through innovation.

Whether for your team, your organization, or your customers, we drive impact through deep understanding in action.

Our People

Our people make our company what it is. We’re a specialized team of science graduates, biomedical communicators, veterinarians, technology developers, and designers who live and breathe our company culture: we are a knowledge community.

We’re imaginative, progressive, and authentic, and that shines through in every interaction you’ll have with us. Get to know more about our people.

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