Pet Insurance Education Resource for Pet Services

Keep your pet business foremost in the minds of pet owners

Showing pet owners that you care about the health and well-being of their pets helps build client trust.

Pet insurance empowers pet owners to make pet health care choices according to what’s best for their pets instead of being inhibited by finances. With a portal to LifeLearn’s pet insurance information website on your pet service website, you show your care for your clients and their pets in tangible form. That keeps your pet service business foremost in the minds of pet owners and encourages repeat business. 

Improve customer engagement today

Many pet owners don’t buy pet insurance because of misinformation, or they find pet insurance terminology confusingLifeLearn’s pet insurance information website solves this problem as a free service that helps pet owners easily understand what pet insurance is and isn’t, and answers questions they need to know before purchasing a policy. 



Drive more traffic to your pet business website

As a reflection of LifeLearn’s core mission to help advance pet health and education worldwide, can be accessed directly by pet owners from the web. also integrates into LifeLearn WebPScustom websites for pet services. 

With a free value-added addition to your WebPS website, you encourage pet owners to visit your website more often, which helps increase appointments by keeping your pet service foremost in the minds of pet owners. 

Clarity and simplicity = the difference helps pet owners make informed decisions about purchasing pet insurance in three main ways by:

1.  Providing thorough but easy-to-understand information

2. Demystifying common misconceptions about pet insurance

3. Providing a simple tool for pet owners to easily compare coverage from different insurance providers features include: 

  • Descriptions of the kinds of coverage and plans so there are no surprises for pet owners when they submit a claim 
  • Factors that pet owners can and can’t control to better guide pet owners when considering insurance plans and costs 
  • Policy underwriting explained to prepare pet owners to answer questions up front or during a claim 
  • Waiting periods and coverage periods explained so pet owners understand when their coverage begins and how long it lasts 
  • How claims work and tips for pet owners to help them expedite claims and get the most from pet insurance 
  • The Get a Quote tool, created to make it simple for pet owners to compare and review policies offered by different pet insurance companies 



Choose from the top insurance providers

LifeLearn and currently feature most pet insurance providers in North America. LifeLearn will continue to collaborate with pet insurance providers and, over time, will add more. All pet insurance policy transactions are handled directly between the pet owner and the pet owner’s selected insurance provider.



Add to your WebPS website

LifeLearn handles the work of integrating some of the educational content from into your website. The “Info” in assures you and your customers that this is not a website trying to sell insurance. Customers using your website will be given the opportunity to visit to get a quote from the pet insurance brands that your pet service supports. 

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Pet Insurance Info, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency in all 50 States and the District of Columbia; In California dba Dog and Cat Insurance Solutions and in New York dba Dog and Cat Insurance Services.