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LifeLearn Core Values

The LifeLearn core values support our vision and shape our culture, reflect what we value, and create the foundation for everything we do for our clients, our teams, our partners, our company, our communities and the animal health industry worldwide.

Our Core Values (and corresponding Guiding Principles) uphold our mission, and empower all of us—both our leadership and team members—to fulfill the LifeLearn brand promise of helping animal health organizations realize the value of knowledge


Practicing Knowledge Leadership

LifeLearn’s knowledge of animal health extends our value proposition far beyond just education and communication to advancing veterinary practices, animal health companies and organizations, and pet services providers through proven, propriety technology solutions, caring relationships, and trusting, successful partnerships.


Caring is a Powerful Force

We know that empathy generates the kind of insights that have the greatest impact on our workplace, our products, and our clients and partners.


A Living, Dynamic Culture

We believe that companies and people thrive when they develop many kinds of intelligence, knowledge, experience and perspectives. We expand on this by listening to our clients and partners and considering all perspectives to help move ideas forward. We appreciate, honour and celebrate diversity – in people, knowledge, ideas and experiences.


Exploring All The Possibilities

Sometimes we learn more by listening to the ideas and perspectives of others, rather than just sharing our own. This makes us more receptive to new solutions and innovations, and ensures the best experiences and outcomes from our work together.


Committed, Mutually Beneficial Relationships

We see our clients and partners as an extension of the LifeLearn team. We value working relationships and reward the freedom and trust we’ve been given with results and accountability. We understand that our clients’ and partners’ success is our success too.


Never Stop Growing

Each day and every new experience is an opportunity to learn from our own actions and from the people we collaborate with and serve. We strive towards incremental improvement in everything we undertake, for ourselves and our clients, valuing and celebrating the long-term gains we achieve together.


Boundless Wonder and Curiosity

We endeavour to understand our value proposition, the marketplace and what our clients and partners do. We look for the humourous side of challenges. We encourage and empower our team to be seek out new sources of inspiration, and to look beyond their specialization, education and training in considering new ideas.


Enthusiastic and Proactive

Process is important, but we don’t let it become an obstacle on the path to progress , or in creating unique solutions for our clients and partners. We are action-oriented, always looking to simplify rather than complicate.


Creating Healthy Environments

We believe that the right people, information and technology can achieve purposeful, and positive change, that animals make the world a happier and healthier place, and that investing in our people and communities helps to create a more sustainable planet and society.