In a recent article for Practice Life, Steve Manyak, DVM, wrote what many veterinary teams now understand about managing appointment reminders and other client communications in a busy practice. “To deliver on these time-consuming demands with the ever-increasing details,” Dr. Manyak recommends client communication technology to save staff time, improve efficiency, and generate practice revenue with minimal effort.

“Perhaps no part of veterinary practice has been more affected by the technological innovations,” writes Dr. Manyak, adding, “Failures in this regard represent one of the most common challenges in veterinary practice.”

Labor Savings Are a Big Part of Veterinary Client Communication Technology


Labor costs are one of the more expensive costs for veterinary practices, at around 42-50% of each dollar received. Utilizing the latest technology in veterinary-specific client communications systems reduces the amount of staff time used for manual functions. This allows practices to reduce the cost of labor without reducing the quality of client communications.

Client communication tasks that can be automated also reduce staff stress—a practice cost in terms of staff burnout, lost productivity, and staff turnover. For these reasons, the AVMA recently recommended that practices “implement innovative and lasting approaches that harness technology, better utilize staff members, and engage our teams.”

Client Communication Technology Offers Features Pet Owners Now Prefer


According to a recent National Pet Owners Survey, 57% of pet owners receive veterinary appointment reminders by phone, and only 25% receive reminders via text messaging.

What pet owners really prefer

Though pet owners prefer the immediacy of phone calls for updates when their pets are hospitalized:

  • 57% of millennial pet owners (the largest pet-owner demographic) want text messages for appointment reminders and other everyday client communications. (Weave)
  • 86% want an appointment reminder by text—regardless of whether they received a phone call. (Weave)
  • Only 29% of pet owners prefer phone calls. (National Pet Owner Survey)

Pet owners also prefer client communication systems that allow them to request appointments and prescription refills, view medical reminders and practice announcements, and manage their communication preferences.

Appointment Tracking Increases Practice Revenue


Pet owners often fail to show for veterinary appointments because they didn’t receive a reminder from their practice. This naturally impacts patient care and costs practices thousands in lost revenue. With client communication technology that syncs with your practice management software to automatically identify missed reminders and appointment opportunities, practices save time and reduce no-shows to increase practice revenue and patient care.

This is the heart of ALLYDVM client communication and retention software.

ALLYDVM’s Retention Calendar syncs client data from your practice management software to automatically identify missed reminders and appointment opportunities and flag clients with additional pets they could be bringing in. Built-in prompts make it easy for your team to book those appointments, which saves staff time, drives better health outcomes for patients, and more practice revenue.

According to research published in Veterinary Advantage, one group of practices saw a 17.9% drop in missed appointments and $59,000 in additional revenue over nine months after using ALLYDVM.

Offering what pet owners prefer in communications, ALLYDVM features a practice-branded, client-facing mobile app, enabling pet owners to:

  • Request appointments
  • Order prescription refills
  • View practice announcements and updates
  • Access select medical information for their pet

And more.

ALLYDVM also features an automated loyalty program to engage pet owners and encourage repeat visits and mass communication templates to save staff time sending communications.

“We just recently switched to ALLYDVM, and it has been amazing! ALLYDVM does everything I wished our other communication system did, and it does it very well.” – Cheryl Wimmers, Practice Manager, Tansley Woods Animal Hospital

Getting Started with ALLYDVM Is Simple and Cost-Effective


You install the software, train your team, and start communicating.

Questions? Concerns? Request your free ALLYDVM consultation today.