Meet Vetsource: The Largest Home Delivery Pharmacy Provider To Veterinarians

Meet Vetsource: The Largest Home Delivery Pharmacy Provider To Veterinarians

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What if you could easily provide clients with any prescription medication deemed medically necessary to optimize patient outcomes and boost prescription revenue for your clinic — and do so today without the expense of managing a large inventory of pharmaceuticals?

What if your clients could conveniently order pet prescriptions right from your practice website (instead of through a third party) and have their orders quickly shipped to their door to:

  • increase compliance.
  • build greater client satisfaction and encourage repeat business for your practice.
  • help your team better compete and thrive in an online world while maximizing their time to focus on patient care.

Would you call that a win-win?

If so, then you may want to try Vetsource. As the largest Home Delivery pharmacy provider to veterinarians, it sources products directly from the manufacturers and ships them to clients’ front doors. Vetsource’s Home Delivery services, including AutoShip and RemindMe, empower practices and their clients to schedule medications and nutritional products — including individual doses — for convenient home delivery.

And here’s the best part: Putting Vetsource to work for your practice has never been simpler. LifeLearn has partnered with Vetsource to offer seamless integration of Vetsource’s online ordering and home-delivery services into all LifeLearn WebDVM websites.

Why Vetsource?

Many veterinarians, practice managers, and vet technicians have asked this question, and the answer has to do with the growth in pet-medication sales.

According to the market research company Packaged Facts, U.S. retail sales of pet medications reached $8 billion in 2013. Sales further rose by 8% in 2016 from 2015 levels, and according to the fifth edition of Pet Medications in the U.S., pet-medication sales are projected to reach or exceed $11 billion by 2021 — and this makes perfect sense given the growth in pet ownership.

In 2017, 68% of all U.S. households owned pets (up from 65% in 2016), while Canada clocked in slightly lower, with roughly 57% of Canadian households owning pets in 2017.

With growing numbers of pets for veterinarians to treat, logic would dictate that prescription revenue for practices should also be growing. Yet according to research, while the cost of stocking and managing drug inventories has increased for veterinary clinics, prescription revenues are declining because, in a challenging economy, pet owners are changing how and where they order pet medications.

The Third-Party e-Market for Pet Medications Is Growing

Although some pet owners continue to purchase pet medications directly from veterinary clinics, many people now choose the savings and easy online convenience of ordering pet medications delivered through third-party sellers, and the market is growing.

  • In 2017, e-commerce pet-care sales grew by roughly $3.4 billion U.S. (Statista).
  • In 2018, e-commerce companies selling pet medications represented 12% of the pet-medication industry (Pet Medications in the U.S., 5th Edition).
  • Roughly 40% of pet owners buy pet products online (Packaged Facts).

To say it another way: People are increasingly spending money on pet medications. However, more people are now buying from online sellers, which erodes prescription revenue for practices and often forces clinics to increase service fees to make up lost ground. Yet as fee increases commonly pass to clients, the situation can work against the financial health of practices and their most important goal of providing the best animal healthcare possible.

Fortunately, Vetsource offers an easy way to turn third-party revenue loss around, deliver the online convenience that consumers demand, and serve the best health outcomes for pets.

“We made in one month with Vetsource the revenue that took us 12 months to make with a competitive product. Our customers love the convenience, and we’ve found a simple and effective way to increase compliance and grow our practice.”

—Stephanie Goss, Practice Manager, Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital

As an extension of your in-house pharmacy and continuation of your high-quality pet-care standards, Vetsource helps veterinary teams reach their full potential in an increasingly competitive digital world.

In independent third-party studies involving 6,000 clients from over 100 practices using Vetsource, analysis revealed:

  • 140% increase in parasiticide compliance.
  • 93% increase in pharmacy profitability for practices.
  • 43% increase in total revenue per patient.

Vetsource = Trust and Quality Assurance

As the trusted provider of home-delivery pharmacy services for over 8,500 veterinary clinics, Vetsource provides practices and their clients with instant access to thousands of prescription and health-care products directly from manufacturers, and Vetsource’s quality-assurance standards are unparalleled. Processing roughly 135,000 items per month, Vetsource’s veterinary-trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians oversee every step of the dispensing process, including:

  • reviewing each prescription.
  • confirming medications are for the appropriate species.
  • following up with practices and checking the quantity and expiration date of each medication.

The end result: Vetsource helps reduce overhead costs for your practice, ensures the utmost quality and safety for all pet medications, and leaves you and your team with more time to focus on patients. And that’s not all.

  • Vetsource’s proprietary e-prescribing tool ScriptRight allows veterinarians to create, review, and approve client prescriptions in seconds from any web-enabled device, which simplifies diagnostics and treatment in the examination room or out in the field.
  • ScriptShare allows you to conveniently recommend prescriptions to clients through email, which includes a Vetsource link to any prescribed medications or treatment-related products (complete with exact doses required).
  • Vetsource’s RemindMe service enables clients to schedule individual doses of flea, tick, and heartworm medication for delivery each month on a day that’s most convenient for them. And to encourage improved compliance for parasiticide programs, Vetsource waives shipping fees!
  • AutoShip enables clients to set up automatic shipping renewals for chronic-use medications or specialty food regimens. This ensures that pet owners never run out of what they need to keep their pets healthy and happy.

In addition to all this, you can skip the hassle and inconvenience of signing a long-term contract for a merchant account with an outside bank. Instead, Vetsource handles all monetary transactions and deposits profits into your practice bank account every month.

The bottom line: With Vetsource, your practice website becomes a convenient, one-stop destination for your clients’ pet-care needs. Pet owners can feel confident purchasing quality products backed by the pet-care professional they know and trust, and that encourages them to return to your website again and again.

In short, with Vetsource working for you as part of your LifeLearn WebDVM website, optimizing prescription revenue, client compliance, and pet health outcomes has never been easier.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us to discuss integrating Vetsource with your WebDVM website today!