Thousands of your colleagues trust ClientEd Online because it’s the industry’s largest pet health library with over 1,300 handouts at your fingertips.      Your team will love this proprietary web-based educational resource because it supports client education across your practice 24/7 — for message consistency that reinforces your recommendations.

Written by veterinarians and fully integrated to help promote greater compliance – you can guide pet health education that creates loyalty.

ClientEd Online delivers these benefits to your practice:

  • Branded for your practice: Easily add your logo and contact information to any handout or web article.

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  • Veterinarian-written: Every author brings a qualified industry perspective. Most are broad-certified veterinarians and pet health specialists.
  • Easy to find: Enter any topic in our search feature to find all relevant handouts.
  • Easy to edit: Open any article and make edits to suit your practice’s philosophy or culture.
  • Integrated content marketing system: Create a dedicated resource page on your website to offer a library of information to your clients 24/7.
  • Easy to distribute: Share via social media or via your website, print them in-house to improve client conversations, or email them directly from the portal.
  • Current: Content is continuously reviewed with new or updated articles added weekly.

A Spanish-language add-on module is available for our most popular small animal topics. To get a detailed look at how ClientEd Online can help your practice, request a free personal walk-through.

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