Get quick answers to all your pet care questions.

MyPetED™ is the only all-in-one place where you can:


  • Manage your pet’s information
  • Get reliable answers to your pet health questions
  • Find a vet
  • Adopt a pet
  • Search for or report a missing pet

Veterinarian-Written Pet Owner Articles

All the articles in the MyPetED library are written by veterinarians dedicated to providing information about your dog’s or cat’s symptoms, treatment, nutrition, behavior, and everyday care. And although MyPetED is a great resource for valuable pet information, remember that no online resource replaces your veterinarian. Only your vet can provide the personalized care your pet needs and deserves.

Interactive Features

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Find a Vet

Your vet is your best resource for pet care. But if you are away from home traveling with your pet or if you need a vet, MyPetED can help you find one! Use our online search tool to locate the right vet for you and your pet. MyPetED includes all veterinary hospitals in North America and doesn’t exclude search listings to just MyPetED members. MyPetED also includes emergency vet hospitals for potentially urgent situations. Find a veterinarian near you.

Adopt a Pet

Explore local shelters and rescue programs to find a new friend. Millions of pet adoption listings across North America are posted daily! Find a loving pet to adopt.

Pets Lost & Found

If your pet goes missing, alert your community in seconds using our lost pet finder. If you’ve found a pet, browse our database to view listings of lost pets. Try our pets lost and found service.

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