Making an Impact

With over 20 years of eLearning experience under our belt, we know how challenging it can be to engage your audience, whether internal or external. To be effective in training and development, you need to make an impact – and fast.

Capture your audience’s attention, keep them interested from beginning to end, and drive them to take action. Take advantage of blended learning solutions that are designed to change behavior: eLearning, Engagement Learning, and Webinars.


eLearning Solutions

Our team of programmers and biomedical communicators are on the cutting edge of eLearning principles and we’re known for transforming traditional courses into interactive eLearning environments for users.

Whether it’s a single course for a new product launch, an enterprise-wide continuing education program and portal, or a series of customer-facing learning programs, we’ll make this a turnkey process for you.



Engage the learner and take them beyond knowledge and comprehension and into application and synthesis. As a RACE-approved provider, we’ll also handle the accreditation process from start to finish.



Measure and encourage your audience’s development with a performance support network. You can also track the program’s performance and identify sections that may need refinement.



Provide access to learning and training resources from multiple sources. Learning Management Systems (LMS) help to automate administration tasks, track usage and performance, and deliver reports to users and management.


Engagement Learning

If your users aren’t having fun while they’re learning, you’re not only fighting an uphill battle, you’re also missing the point. Our Engagement Learning solutions incorporate games and simulations to evoke the naturally competitive spirit and curiosity of your audience, which acts as a catalyst for learning – online, during in-clinic visits, and at tradeshow kiosks.

Gamification motivates learners and changes behavior by applying game-design thinking to non-game applications, making them more fun and engaging. From simple gaming principles, like badges and points, to gaming theory and mechanics, gamification allows your users to be fully engaged as they solve problems and retain what they’ve learned.

Simulations are highly interactive programs that imitate real-world processes or systems. Through role-play scenarios, users are able to practice skills and adjust behaviors in a risk-free environment. Simulations allow users to become immersed in the learning experience and understand complex situations more rapidly through practical applications.


Since location is no longer a barrier, webinars are a convenient and cost effective way to deliver your message to a multitude of audiences…if done well. But how many times have you dialed in, muted the line, lost focus, and tuned out?

Whether used for lead generation or internal training and development, we can help you craft a memorable presentation, facilitate and manage on-demand or live events, and repurpose your webinars and recordings for maximum reach and results.

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