Increasing Efficiency

Highly regulated industries require tools to increase efficiencies while also adhering to demands for compliance. Mobile support tools enable production teams to access knowledge on demand, improve consistency and accuracy, and track operational processes for better compliance – with or without a high level of employee turnover.


Knowledge on Demand

With LifeLearn Stratus™ – the cloud-based platform that connects your mobile devices, laptops, and websites to a central asset and data management system – you have the ability to push training to your entire team via their mobile device (e.g., iPad, smartphone, etc.).

Step-by-step instructions are accessible 24/7 for all available operating processes, with or without an Internet connection. New resources can be added at any time and can be automatically distributed to all users for the most up-to-date and seamless transfer of information.


Improve Consistency & Accuracy

Use Stratus to implement real-time checklists, ensuring each member of the team performs all tasks consistently and accurately. Use data and analytics from these checklists to assess the time spent on specific tasks so you can easily identify areas for improvement and greater efficiency.

You can also schedule reminders within Stratus, adding an additional level of automation into applicable processes, like supply orders.

Greater Compliance

When processes are streamlined, information is readily available, and key tasks are tracked in real-time through submitted checklists, the end result is greater compliance.

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