Leadership Team

Randy Valpy
President & CEO

"I’m very enthusiastic about our company and what we stand for. I work with an amazing group of people who are engaged, who are continually innovating, and who want to see LifeLearn outperform year over year. Plus, what’s not to like when you have dogs in the office."

Sean Linehan
EVP Sales & Marketing

"I love my job! Nothing beats helping people find creative and engaging ways to tell their story and grow their business. I get to do it every day at LifeLearn!"

David Goodnight, DVM MBA
EVP, Veterinary Affairs & Business Development

"I love identifying opportunities and working with the LifeLearn team to address the challenges associated with bringing it to market. As my dad would always say, 'If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!' I suppose that's why I chose to learn to play the banjo, too."

Mark Stephenson, DVM
Chief Corporate Development Officer & Chief Veterinarian

"20 years and counting! I love being so connected to this wonderful profession through education and technology. Where would the world be without vets?"

Martin Alps
VP Finance & Administration

"Being English, I am a huge footie fanatic. If I were to be someone else for a day, I would be James Bond. Shaken not stirred!"

Heather Fox
VP Corporate Sales

"I like dancing, candlelit dinners, and long walks in the park. Oh, wait, wrong bio. Developing programs to make clients shine and drive results, now that's my tune!"