Why Pinterest?

December 3, 2014 - Posted by LifeLearn

Why-PinterestWe’ve talked a bit about Pinterest – covered the basics, some how-tos, and the must-dos.

But we haven’t really talked about why your veterinary practice might want to use Pinterest as part of your larger social media strategy.

Most people think it’s just for recipes and picking out home décor, but that is not the case – it is actually becoming a social media force to be reckoned with. The fact that it is sometimes maligned by brands who favor Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on, means there is still time to get firmly embedded and find your niche.

Why Pinterest?

First, you might already be on Pinterest. Even if you don’t have an account, people can pin things from any website, and if you have all sorts of great content on your website and blog, people might be pinning it. Cool, right? To find out, type the following into your address bar, but replace the square brackets with your domain name: http://www.pinterest.com/source/[yourdomain]/

Second, Pinterest has got longevity. The half-life of a social media post is defined as the time in which the post will get 50% of its total clicks and views. According to Wisemetrics, pins have the longest half-life of all social media posts at 3.5 months – compared to 90 minutes for Facebook posts and 24 minutes for tweets.

This means that not only will your pins stay around, 50% of the views and clicks will happen after 3.5 months! It also means that you probably don’t have to be quite as worried about figuring out the exact times that your audience is online since posts don’t disappear into obscurity after a short time.

In addition:
  • Pinterest drives traffic to your website. According to Shareaholic, Pinterest is second only to Facebook for social media referral traffic to websites. While Facebook is still the winner by a wide margin in this area, Pinterest’s 7.17% is still leaps and bounds ahead of third place Twitter’s 1.12%.
  • It has a low attrition rate. According to RJ Metrics, 84% of women and 50% of men are still actively using Pinterest four years after signing up. So as you build your audience, chances are they’ll stay with you – if you keep posting quality content, that is.
  • It’s popular, with about 70 million users and growing. According to Kevin Roose, there are over 30 billion pins, half of which have been added in the past six months.
  • It’s mobile, according to a study by Ahalogy – 75% of Pinterest activity happens on mobile devices (and mobile gets results!).
  • Pinners like content. The same study found that 65% of daily Pinterest users click through to blogs, photos or articles, compared to 27% who click through to shopping sites or brand pages – which fits with your content marketing strategy!

So as you can see, Pinterest has some serious potential.

If you’re convinced, but still aren’t sure what to pin, here are 3 boards you can create right now:

An Education Board:

Pick a pet health topic, any topic that you want. Something seasonal, something timeless – whatever you like – and create a board around that.

For example: Obesity in Pets. Pin educational articles about the effects of obesity in pets, successful weight loss stories from your blog, weight-management diet foods you carry in your practice, healthy treat ideas, and fun ways for pets to get more exercise.

A VIP (Very Important Patients!) Board:

This one is all about relationship building. Pin all of the lovely pictures of your patients you’ve been given permission to share. Include photos taken in your practice, collected through photo contests, and shared with you through social media – including re-pinning photos your clients have posted of their pets on their own boards.

For inspiration, check out our Furry LifeLearners board.

 Pet-Friendly Community Board:

Make your practice the go-to place for all things pet in your community.

For example: Pins about local pet-friendly businesses, dog parks, walking trails, complementary businesses like groomers and pet sitters. Pin local shelters and rescues, which pet stores and car washes have DIY pet-wash stations, and any other resources that are useful to pet owners. This one will not only encourage comments and shares from your clients, it can catch the attention of Pinterest-users doing research while getting a pet, or thinking of moving there with their pets – you will be the veterinarian they find first.

Are you ready? Once you get your profile up, follow us on Pinterest and send us a note or tag us in a pin! Happy pinning!