How Video Fits into Your Local SEO Strategy

August 6, 2014 - Posted by LifeLearn

Video SEOWe’ve been talking a lot about SEO lately, but one thing we haven’t touched on much is how video affects your website’s ranking. While some of the most widely quoted statistics are getting a little dated, research generally indicates that websites that incorporate video, and do it well, tend to rank higher than websites that do not.

How? There are a few ways that having video can influence your website’s ranking in search engine results:

  • Video increases engagement. Users stay on websites longer when it includes video, and since Google uses engagement as a measure of website quality, it will rank your website higher on engagement alone.
  • Video thumbnails can drive traffic to your YouTube channel and your website. Google seems to have done away with featuring video thumbnail images for the average website page that hosts a video. BUT, video thumbnail images still display, and catch a lot of attention for YouTube links. When searchers click on your YouTube video, where you’ve optimized the description with your website link (if you haven’t already done this, you really should), there’s a good chance they’ll take the next step and visit your site. Once again, higher click through + higher engagement = better rank.
  • Blog posts with videos get more inbound links. If people are commenting about your video and sharing your blog post on social, they’re linking to your site, giving the Google bots more trails to follow to your site, increasing your rank (for more on the Google bots, see our blog series and whitepaper on SEO).
  • Google looks for videos to display. So if someone is doing a local search, and your website has a video but your competition does not, your website is more likely to rank higher (in order for this to work, however, there are some things you need to do to help Google understand your video).

Remember, there are tons of great reasons to have video on your veterinary website — SEO is like the icing on the cake.

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