How to Choose Software

January 2, 2012 - Posted by LifeLearn

A Service to be Productively Social

No matter the size of your business, making a decision on which piece of computer software you should use and/or buy is overwhelming.  Should you get software that installs on your computer, internet service providers, cloud software?  Other questions also arise like which social networks should you be on, how do you update everything in a timely matter, and what is FourSquare? Software can also be pretty expensive, especially if you are a small business.  You don’t want to outlay a lot of capital for software that doesn’t meet your needs or that falls flat of your expectations. Fortunately there is a new service being developed that can help you make the right decisions for your business.  Best Vendor ( is an online community designed for business professionals to share software that they use and like for different functions of their business.  It will also recommend software for you based on what you have entered previously.  The sign-up process is easy and free.  You will need to share 3 favorite service, cloud, app, or software that you use and sign-in with your Linked In account.  Once you sign in you can add more applications you use and like to associate with your profile. bv_1 The strongest part of this service is that you can go through the various categories of software and see what the top ones are and why people like it.  For example the top content management system (CMS) for web development is WordPress.  LifeLearn’s own WebDVM4 is a modified version of WordPress because it is such a versatile platform.  If you want to learn more about the software you can click on the box and it will give you reviews and you can see who else is using the software. bv_2 Best Vendor is currently in beta so the data base is still fairly small but over time it should grow nicely and offer your business a lot of options for different software that you may not have had the opportunity to come across before. About the author: Kimberley McKay is the Technology Operations Manager at LifeLearn.  She has a love for computers, technology, and general geekdom.    Her everyday life at LifeLearn revolves around web site development, server management, database management, XML conversions, and just about anything else to do with computers.  She is also a mother of two children and a wife to a fantastic IT professional.  Needless to say, her house is outfitted in the latest technology.